Colorado Elementary All State Choir

When: January 27, 2018   4:30 pm

   Elizabeth Núñez-
Young People’s Chorus of New York City
   Ken Berg- Birmingham Boys Choir

Concert Location:
International Center of the Broadmoor Hotel and Conference Center
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Price: Participants will need to pay a registration fee as well as music fees of $60. 
($45 Registration +$15 music)  Please contact me if the fee is a problem for you.
Congratulations, singers!
Singers, start listening to our tracks NOW!  You'll be glad you did!
Rehearsal Schedule:
Friday, Nov 17    3:15-4:00    Understanding parts and intro to the music
Friday, Dec 8     3:15-4:00    Rehearsal/ sectionals
Friday, Jan 5      3:15-4:00    Rehearsal/ sectionals
Friday, Jan 12    3:15-4:00    Second Audition (Option 1)
Friday, Jan 19    3:15-4:00    Second Audition (Option 2)
Part Assignments:
Coltrin, Miranda         Part 1
Hamel, Emma           Part 2
Johnson, Ella            Part 1
Nielsen, Clementine   Part 2
Podaral, Mahika         Part 2
Wilson, Nathan          Part 1