DCC is thrilled to announce that we will be partnering with the Metropolitan Opera Educational Program as well as with Academy District 20 to bring an exciting opera-tunity for our fourth and fifth grade students!  This will be the second year of this partnership and we're very excited about the shows we'll be viewing!

Within this program, your students will be able to study the opera
Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) by
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

with Mrs. Knox and Ms. Ford.  At the conclusion of our lessons, we'll go to the movie theatre for a live streaming of the opera on
October 14!
Your child's ticket is included as a gift from the MET and ASD20. 

To ensure that our most interested students are able to participate, we've created a contest to selet our participants.   To register, fill out the link on this page.  Then, your child will create a project to express their interest.  We will happily accept dioramas, essays, artwork, songs, costumes, or any other creations that allow your child to speak their mind.

Please email Ms. Ford (beth.ford@asd20.org) or Mrs. Knox (nicole.knox@asd20.org) with any questions.  You may also submit digital copies of your student's project to these email addresses. 
Emergency Contact: