I am so glad your student is interested in auditioning for our elementary talent show! 
The talent show is a big deal at DCC.  We'll have shows at all three levels of our campus and some of our acts will be invited to perform in the Thunderpalooza  (the high school show!)

Important Dates:
* Auditions will be held after school on Feb 6 and 7th and 10th in the music room (3:15-4:30).  
        Once your child has performed, you may take them home.  They will not be allowed to wait outside for you, so you'll need to come pick them up from the music room.
        Your student only needs to attend one night of the auditions.
        You are welcome to watch your child's audition.

* Results posted: Feb 7th in the evening on my music website. (Please do not overload the website, or it will crash.)

*Rehearsal: Feb 26th- 3:15- 4:15

* Mandatory Dress Rehearsal- Monday,  March 5th from 3:15-5:00.

          All rehearsals will either be held in the Elementary Music room, or on the cafetorium stage.
*Performance- March 6th at 6:00 PM in the cafetorium.  Admission is free!   

If you are new to this program, you should know that we generally have a large number of auditions.  Please use the following tips to help your child stand out:

*Each act must be less than 3 minutes long. Please time your act before your audition. If you need help making an act shorter, please see Ms. Ford at least one week ahead of time.
*This is not an American Idol-style audition. Singers should present their complete and polished act, including appropriate accompaniment (live or recorded).
*Acts may not include fire, pyrotechnics, live animals, or questionable content.  Please listen to the lyrics of all tracks to confirm that they are school appropriate.
*A copy of the music for each act must be left with Ms. Ford at the time of audition. If at all possible, please give copies of CD's that you do not need back.  You may also email tracks to Ms. Ford in advance.  Ms. Ford will not purchase or provide music tracks.
* YouTube links will not be accepted for background tracks.  Please purchase your track and either burn it to CD or email it to Ms. Ford.  If downloading the track proves difficult, you may reimburse Ms. Ford for the track.
*Groups acts will have preference over individuals.
*Fast-paced music will have preference over ballads.
*Unusual acts will have preference over common acts.
*Video recordings are welcomed for acts that can't be performed live. (Figure skating, skateboard tricks, movie compilation, etc.)  Videos must be submitted prior to the auditions.
*Acts featuring physical skill (martial arts, gymnastics, magic, etc) should consider playing exciting or dramatic music as a soundtrack for the demonstration.
* To ensure quick transitions between songs, no more than two mats may be used for gymnastic routines/dances.

Please note that a mandatory rehearsal contract will need to be signed by each selected performer and each parent.

Please contact Ms. Ford if you have additional questions!

Talent Show
in auditioning for our elementary talent show!